Editing and proofreading

Your editor is your writing partner

  • When you've finished writing, I review both the structure (logic, readability) and the details (grammar, punctuation, consistency) of your document, and make suggestions that will improve your document and sharpen your writing.
  • For complex documents, it is wise to involve me early in the process so that the 'big picture' questions can be resolved early in the project: that's structural editing.
  • The final review (proofreading) checks that all your changes have been incorporated into your document before you publish.
  • My aim always is to retain your voice so that your writing 'sounds' like you - even if we do break a few 'rules' along the way.

I'm the sort of person who's always bubbling with great ideas, but so often I leave my writing tasks to the last minute. That doesn't give me enough time to check it before printing. That's where Desolie is so good! Her review picks up the critical changes needed to turn my ordinary document into one that concisely and effectively gets my message across to my readers.

Desolie's belief in the power of well-chosen words, her skill in removing 'waffle' to uncover the heart of my message, and her willingness to help make her my first choice when I need to 'sharpen my writing'. Mike Norton, ABC Coaching, Brisbane

+61 (0) 411 260 708

your writing sharpener