What I've done

Edit business books:

Self-help books

  • Life UnComplicated, Jane Delahay
  • Secular Buddhism, Lenore Lambert
Style guide development and training:

  • TTM Consulting (GC) Pty Ltd
  • Queensland Research and Development Centre

Edit business documents for:

  • copywriters, resume writers, business developers
  • graphic artists, artist, furniture maker
  • allied health professionals

Edit technical documents and journal submissions for:

  • science publisher
  • engineering, research and development consultancies
  • archaeologists, researchers

Business writing:

  • marketing and web content
  • newspaper articles, blogs and articles
  • not-for-profit newsletter
  • company profile

Workshops and training:

  • writing strategies for small business owners
  • technical writing strategies for engineering and R & D consultancies
  • style guide development, at Queensland Business Writers' Conference 2013

+61 (0) 411 260 708

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