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Do you have an academic or technical paper that you'd love to share outside your niche?

Perhaps a book, or a series of blog posts - but you don't know how to do it.

I love helping nonfiction writers get rid of all the jargon and formality and the boring bits.

Together, we can achieve that dream: clear, sharp, engaging, easy-to-read words that 'outsiders' will enjoy reading.

Desolie Page, Accredited Editor
Hi, I'm Desolie Page, owner of Perfect Pages. I'm one of about only 330 editors in Australia who has achieved accreditation from the Institute of Professional Editors (Australia). At the beginning of 2013, I joined IPEd's Accreditation Board where our major task is the accreditation of editors. In October 2017, I became the chairperson of the Board.

Through editing, proofreading, and writing training, I can help you achieve clear, engaging and sharp business and technical writing.

Find out more about me and my experience. Then contact me to find out how I can help you.

Experience the difference that a professional editor can make to your writing.

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